He Was a Teacher!

15 09 2008

I have been watching the news lately of the election coverage. So i have been breathing Palin, Obama, McCain, and Biden. I am addicted and one of the arguments that have been swirling around that has bothered me. It has been them saying that Jesus was a community organizer, and he was capable of leading. Trying to say that Obama is able to lead, and that Pontius Pilot was a governor. Now come on you are going to compare the leaders in this election to the Savior of the Jews and a Roman leader. Seriously, comparing Obama to Jesus. I mean the guy is a good speaker and has a good presence. But he isn’t God’s son, he isn’t saving the world.

But beyond that Jesus wasn’t really a community organizer, he was a teacher. Read the bible he went around talking to people and teaching them lessons with his countless stories and examples of how things should be. He did miracles and was humble. Very humble. He didn’t own anything, he didn’t make money. He was not an organizer, he did more to disrupt the society and establishment of how things were in that land. He was there to teach those disciples who he was, why he was there, and how to find him. Not to restore jobs and improve the economy of the area. So even though i am not the biggest supporter of Obama. I don’t think it is a good thing to say Jesus was a community organizer to prove why Obama should be elected. Jesus was a teacher and his teachings are still growing and impacting millions of people now.