I bless the rains down in Africa!

27 02 2009


Ndola, AfricaFrom March 12, 2009 to March 23, 2009 I am going to trave to Africa. Ndola, Zambia to be exact I am traveling with a group called Wiphan. The hold that area to help support Widows and Orphans. Solid Source Realty, the company I work for has purchased a school and began a feeding program for part of the area. We are traveling there to film, serve people, worship God, and let God lead us. We are filming to show our agents what we have done with their dues. To show them how great God is. So I will be writing and posting some pictures etc while I am there. So stay tuned as I show you all the details etc of the trip. Below is where we are going i will put up more information so you can intercede on our behalf.

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Better than last valentines day.

3 02 2009

Everyday the wedding is becoming more and more closer and real. I know I gave her a ring and I proposed and I knew that was for us to get married. But the more I think about it I get a little more excited, scared, happy, and frightened.

Excited, cause I know I have made the right decision with the right girl, that God has brought to me.

Scared, cause we all are a little or should be a little scared about the things unknown. We know a lot of marriage now, we have listened to sermons, read books and talked to people. Even with all of that at least for me there is a little scared.

Happy, cause it never fails to bring a smile to my face everytime I think about her or someone brings her or our wedding up. Happy because I have never thought I could be loved by another human this much let alone love another human that much myself.

Frightened, mainly because I am afraid I might not be the most wonderful husband and father all the time. Each day I am becoming more and more confident that God can have us get together God can whip my ass into shape to be the man of her life and the man of the family.

So I guess this is an early Valentines blog, but I would have to say that the past 386 days more wonderful and completely unexpected that I could have ever thought. My life went from where to go drink Friday night to what can I do to may Amy smile. From what games me and the boys are going to play to what can I make for dinner to make Amy happy. I thank God everyday for bringing me through my past so that I could be with Amy.

Thank You Jesus!

23 12 2008

Today is two days before Christmas. Two days before the day that we represent as the day Jesus was born. Two days before God sent his son to be come a savior. This year is a special one for me. This year God changed everything for me forever. I remember last year where Christmas morning I sat at home watching a movie til some of my friends got done with their families so I can have some company. I am not saying I don’t have a great family, it’s just I was one of the few without my own family. So my sister got to get up and see her children excited cause of Santa and my other sister too. My mom got to spend her 18th Christmas with her husband (my dad). I was laying on the couch watching superman, I said a little prayer, “God I know you are in control and I know you have a plan, I just hope I can have my own family.” As in an act of foreshadowing 18 days later I stopped and said a little prayer, “God please let me know if she is the one. God grant me the patience and calmness with this one she seems special, and I ask you to be apart of this.” Fast forward 345 days later, I wake up this morning to get ready for work, I squeeze my fiancé and giver a kiss and wish her a good day at work. In those 345 so many things have happened but I see how God has answered my prayers from last Christmas and this past January. He brought me someone who I am starting my family with and he is a part of our relationship. I never thought I could or would have someone so beautiful, smart, logical, realistic, loving, caring, humble, woman as I have found in Amy. Plus the fact that we both are seeking Gods path is truly amazing. I have so much to be thankful for, but I want to thank you God for giving me something I have wanted since I was a little boy. The chance to have a family, and be the husband and father my father wasn’t. The birth of a family of my very own. So Merry Christmas and thank you God for you have done all of this and brought the two of us together. I love Amy Buschor, and I will continue to love her after she becomes Amy Hoover.

Oh what a year 2008 was.


This is my favorite day!

21 10 2008

Life is going so well, finally I have gotten over my addition to the election coverage and don’t really pay attention to all the rhectoric. Life seems to be coming together, there are some stresses, but my relationship with God is wonderful. My life with Amy is amazing, work is good taking more and more on and I am excited about my mission trip coming up. Sometimes I stop and think about life and how things in your life are important to you. For now! I see where God has brought me from and delivered me from and promising me for the future. I can honestly say that this is the best time of my life so far and today would ber the best of my life. Well until tomorrow probably. I never though how just being with a wonderful woman can make you feel like the man you were always told you were by others but didn’t believe it. I praise God for all these things in my life that are going so well and I cherish the wonderful times cause it won’t always be wonderful!

1 10 2008

24: Redemption

24 09 2008
Fthis is going to be amazing

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He Was a Teacher!

15 09 2008

I have been watching the news lately of the election coverage. So i have been breathing Palin, Obama, McCain, and Biden. I am addicted and one of the arguments that have been swirling around that has bothered me. It has been them saying that Jesus was a community organizer, and he was capable of leading. Trying to say that Obama is able to lead, and that Pontius Pilot was a governor. Now come on you are going to compare the leaders in this election to the Savior of the Jews and a Roman leader. Seriously, comparing Obama to Jesus. I mean the guy is a good speaker and has a good presence. But he isn’t God’s son, he isn’t saving the world.

But beyond that Jesus wasn’t really a community organizer, he was a teacher. Read the bible he went around talking to people and teaching them lessons with his countless stories and examples of how things should be. He did miracles and was humble. Very humble. He didn’t own anything, he didn’t make money. He was not an organizer, he did more to disrupt the society and establishment of how things were in that land. He was there to teach those disciples who he was, why he was there, and how to find him. Not to restore jobs and improve the economy of the area. So even though i am not the biggest supporter of Obama. I don’t think it is a good thing to say Jesus was a community organizer to prove why Obama should be elected. Jesus was a teacher and his teachings are still growing and impacting millions of people now.