Twitter me this young one!!

12 03 2008

Twitter, now there is another way for me to be ever so connected to the internet. Well I do love the profile sites like facebook, myspace, twitter, live journal, blogger, and all the others. I remember strating with thinking I was cool and hip cause I was on page like 2 for Atlanta males. Anyways I don’t know what it is like to be an adult without instant information. Infact I fret when I am not able gain access to my email anytime I want. Not that I am always connected, we just have this new problem that dogs have and it is always wanting to know what is going on. Like we need to sign up for instant text messages on the life of celebrities we will never meet. I don’t really care. But I would look at it and then I discuss it and then I want to know more. DAMN You VH-1. I was fine without the information that Obama won Mississippi at 7:45 last night from my instant breaking news email from CNN I got on my blackberry. Now I know you are thinking, that sounds like someone you would see walking down a city street talking into his Bluetooth drinking his latte from “FourBucks” while q’ing up his iTouch, and you want to chop off his legs and watching him squirm and scream. Shamefully that is me now, and honestly that is all of us. None of us feel good without our cell phones. Well I have met some. But very few. No one called, no one is texted, but Damnit we want our Cell phone attached to our hip like a gun in the Old West with a quick release as if having out cell phone that readily available is something that important.
I know I am ranting about it, I know I am that person who is always looking at my hand friggin held device responding to this person or that. What was it like for others just a little bit older than us. Who would find out about the news at 6:00PM when the news came on television. They were stressed out too. I don’t believe for a minute that the technology we have to make things easier and more portable for any and everyone to have what ever information about anything their little heart desires immediately, even in space will make life less stressful. I mean even the ever so coveted iPhone has a battery life of a little over a year. Yeah and some mp3 players explode in your pocket. So the more there is, the more that will go wrong. I think it is going to lead to the lowering of life expectancy. Which is probably good for the environment.

Maybe Al Gore DID invent the internet!?! To KILL us faster so the earth will be cleaner for him to frolic around with his unicorns and fairies.

That’s right I called Al Gore gay and stupid!


"N.Y. gov. apologizes after prostitution link." Well I am relieved now!!

10 03 2008

SO this afternoon I bring up a couple news sites to see what’s going on and what not. Every page I pull up what do I read. Gov. of NY had some hookers. Though that would be an illegal thing, and not something that the governor should be involved in. But seriously every page pretty much all they talked about. Not the near record price jump in oil, or the 5 soldiers killed in Iraq today. No I mean some mention and you can dig for it but no it was all about some damn governor who slept with some hookers in a prostitution ring. On another note if you were governor why would you go get hookers. I mean I would think you could probably get it for free. I mean you are the governor of the 3rd most populated state in the union. I mean that should account for something. Anyways, I know it is terrible that happened and I guess as a republican I should be happy a liberal was caught like that. But I am not I don’t care about the adulterous activity of politician, I didn’t when Clinton was in office and I don’t now. IT ISN’T NEWS!! News is something that could help you. Information that would be important to you. I guess news of the governor slept with some hookers would be relevant to his family, and probably people who worked for him. Not the whole country.

There I am done ranting!!