S#&$ man, this is awesome!

25 07 2008

Shit, for a lot of people this isn’t a word they give a “shit about. For me growing up in the church they always equated cursing with drug-use, pre-martial sex, smoking, and drinking. As a youth these things that were pressed upon me to abstain from because it makes your relationship with God not so good. Now as an adult, I quite often use that word. I look back on my youth and realize it was a good thing for the young people to be given rules and guidelines not as legalism or earning salvation. But more helping you, helping you keep margin at a younger age so that you will can try to stay away from things that can really hurt your life physically, mentally, and spiritually. I bring this up cause I have been hearting a lot from the past couple weeks about Christians and their mouths.
I think it is rather comical that most of society curses all the time with no real moral guilt or anything unless they are in front of an old lady, priest or you know what I mean. As a whole no one cares. The ones who do are the religious ones. The ones who say it is a terrible thing to say these things. Personally, I haven’t read in the bible or had a prophetic word spoken to me about the specific words I was using in my language. My take on this, I encourage you to read and find out for your self is not based from the bible directly (as I haven’t ever read anything about cursing or not cursing.) is that it is the intent of the words being said rather than the specific words at all.

Example 1. Let’s pretend someone said this to you, “Your are an ugly human being, your life makes me sad!”
‘That was very hurtful and it would make you feel terrible to hear that some anyone weather you knew them or cared about them or not.

Example 2 Here is something using a curse word, “Hey did you see Dark Knight, man it was the shit?”

Example 3 and another one “Hey man, this band fuckin rocks!”
Now on television both example 2 & 3 would have been bleeped out and edited. But the first sentence would be fine.

Moving on I understand that the “curse words” of our society do accentuate things and give them more power for the good or the bad. What I am saying in short is that; is it is NOT hypocritical for a believer to use any word in a positive manner. PERIOD they are words, the English language wasn’t invented till long long after Jesus and the bible.
Even still I hear from church leaders and such about how some other leaders said this curse word or that one. I think it is ridiculous, we should worry about the negative words being about the person who was using said curse word.

Jesus called us to love God with all our heart, mind and soul. As well as to love our neighbor as our self. I understand leading by example and the others argument about the limited vocabulary of the people who curse a lot. But sometimes you want to say what you want to say. Intent not that the word is what does the damage to someone else. It is the intent of your mouth that can start a forest fire not the word said.

So let me know what you think I mean I could be wrong, and I could be misguided.



Just a little observation…

11 07 2008

So I was discussing with a co-worker who was getting frustrated with someone who was calling and asking information that we publically have listed on our site. She spoke with the person and they said they had read it but they wanted to make sure it was real and wanted to talk to a live person. That got me thinking, it is interesting that in a 10-15 year time there is a generational gap that is new to our society.

What I am talking about are the technology savvy people vs. the would rather talk to a person people. We all know this I think, you meet people who don’t text cause they think it is to impersonal. Then you find the kid who will text first, just cause there is no need for a call just to answer a simple question. I guess neither of them are wrong or right it is just neat. But what is really interesting to me, that the adage of old people driving slow is irritating, now people like myself who always seem to be connected and do things 1,000X’s faster than even probably our older siblings probably did them, better yet someone in their 50’s. Which isn’t old, but they have completely seen everything in their life change completely.

I guess this is normal the people who grew up in the 1900’s turn of the century were the ones who dealt with the changes in technology in the 40’s 50’s and so on. Like the people that grew up then are dealing with it now. It seems like things are just moving at such a much faster pace than in the past 100 years, the growth just seems to be exponential.

I just think it is funny how now we get flustered when someone wants to call to make sure that what they read was correct.

Sorry for the boring blog!

Roswell cop arrested for DUI

9 07 2008
Officer First Class Stephens

Officer First Class Stephens

I am reading this article today about a police officer who was arrested on a DUI, booked then released. He wasn’t put in Jail. Now there is a pending investigation into the matter. They are looking into why he wasn’t put in jail like everyone else who is arrested on a DUI. As well the determination of his badge as well. Ok I understand that there should be an investigation into these matters as one’s superior. But I am sure this happens frequently where cops pull each other over and don’t arrest cause the other is a cop. I have heard stories from other officers I have known. Anyways, I guess what is so frustrating to me is that we all would get arrested and spend time in jail, and would pay large fines, and possibly loose our jobs and possibly ruin our lives. I wish that our community, local, state, and federal leaders (cops, city officials, government elected officials, etc) would actually adhere to the rules and laws they create and enforce on us. It is absurd to think that I will respect the authority of my government when they break the same laws as me and are told not to do it again. Not put through the judicial system they would put me though. I don’t think that is so much to ask. I am just tired of the “do as I say not as I do” government.

I could go on forever about this I guess what I am saying I think that leaders of any capacity should have a moral obligation to at least “practice what they preach.” I guess I am alone on this!

My Morning Thoughts…

27 06 2008

I was reading this morning that the dirt or soil or whatever you wanna call it found on mars, has the correct make up to sustain life. As well they found what they believe to be ice. This is interesting, people are excited cause they think we may not be alone or have not been the only ones living in time or to come. I see it a different way, I see it as Glory to God. I mean Mars has the stuff to make life, but it doesn’t. It has some of the elements, but as Rob Bell said in “Everything is Spiritual” there are hundreds of variables that make life abundant and possible here on earth. So I think it is awesome that there is life sustaining dirt on Mars, but I thank God all the knobs and switches are correctly positioned for me to have life and for the others around.

Secondly I was reading another story of a man here in Atlanta who was arrested for shooting squirrels in his own backyard. Beyond the hilarity of the article is was kind of sad that he was arrested for doing something that anyone who has a birdfeeder can understand. I just thought it was funny. Obviously he evaded the police and fired a shotgun close to the path of a neighbors playground. Which isn’t cool. Just makes me proud to be in the South! hehe!

Global Warming Hmm, I dunno!!

25 06 2008
Global Warming

Global Warming

I was reading this article today and i was beginning to think about our lives, and our society. As it realtes to our characteristics in our lifestyle. So the whole Global warming thing I don’t know, I am not educated enough in the science’s to know or to say factually that it is or isn’t. But the point I am about try to make to you isn’t that we are or not causing global warming. It’s that we are not being smart prudent with our world, resources, power, and culture.

I do think that we should loose our dependence on foreign oil, not solely cause of the money or to just drill more here at home. We need to become non-fossil fuel dependant all together. I say that not as a hippie or a tree hugger. It is kind of like turning 18 you have a trust fund that matures and you get a ton of money. Well no you don’t need to run out and get a job probably in the near future cause you have all this definitive wealth. So you go 20 30 years raise a family and living off a large sum of money that was predefined at the beginning of the amount. Well eventually you will run out or your family will run out. If you have not been trying to make your own money by learning a trade building a business or whatever. You will have a problem when you have no money, no empire, no skills, and no hope. Now I know usually when it comes to people who have trust funds there are other things given to them they typically have some sort of position to make more money than what was given to them. But what I am illustrating is that this country for one if just counting on the abundance of oil and things from the earth. Well the problem is we are withdrawing from the bank and never depositing. We need to develop and embrace other things than a gas guzzling society. Of course loosing our fuel dependency will change our marketplace and our economy and could hurt those invested in the oil. Why can’t the companies refining the oil realize that they will eventually be gone when the oil is gone. Like a gold ghost town that was a gold mine. I see the problem is two fold with the reluctance to change by oil companies in a significant way as they are making a lot of money and the government is benefiting from it too. I once wrote a paper on the persecution of smokers and the judgment passed on by a lot of Americans and the government to those who smoke. I posed the question if it is so bad for you why not keep us from having it. Well the answer was that the government made a whopping $5,000,000,000 annually from the taxes on tobacco, not to mention the death of smokers and the taxes put on their estates. That was in 1995, I am not sure of the numbers now. I bring that up show how the government will say oh we need to get away from oil. On the other hand they are raking in the money on taxes, levies, revenue on refining, and more. So they aren’t REALLY looking into other sources. I get so frustrated that the government is like the cheap PC manufacture. Well they don’t do anything that someone else hasn’t done and already proven. I don’t understand why we have to be so behind the eight ball on everything in this country. We are the last to get new technology, the last to recognize problems others have known for a long time, it is absurd.

We are a great nation. Except our leadership (all of it not just the president) is to scared to stand up and try to actually fix something and stand for something that is right instead we are weak and don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. We have developed a culture that has to be completely satisfied now, and if we aren’t we will take legal action against one another. I want to throw my hands in the air sometimes when people are complaining about the most insignificant things in life. That they are entitled to what they want. Our schools, television, magazines, and government placate to that as well. Giving validation to a society who thinks they are entitled to everything they want. As my mom said growing up, your want will never make it your need. I don’t know where the freedom of expression became to frighten children and to alienate their parents cause they eat meat. Where is it become having a parade down the street performing mature acts because you have a different sexual orientation than someone else. When did it become ok, to go in front the nation on television and air your dirty laundry for the amusement of people who watch. Freedom doesn’t mean go crazy, doesn’t mean the right to carry a gun is a validation to shoot people or carry it as an act of an adolescent. Why do people think that if abortion is such a horrible terrible un-god-loving thing that some feel the need to condemn others or worse kill them. What happen to this being a country of tolerance, a country of being able to be not controlled by an overbearing authority.

We have become the opposite. We try to exploit our freedoms to no end, and the authority has to tighten it’s reign to control the situation. Why don’t people understand margin, as in yes you have the freedom to do this but you don’t need to devote your life to pushing moral boundaries just to prove a point. With margin you understand you can do all kinds of things but why do everything. Margin is well I know I only make 100k a year but I will buy all of these things so I spend more than I make, I mean I want people to know I have money. Margin is knowing that we are using a depleting unreplenishable source to push our economy forward, and look for different things that we can create or grow so we know that well will continue to make deposits in the bank.

I know that I was all over the place on the thoughts above. I guess what I am trying to say is that we all need to understand the power of margin. How it can change the course and direction of this country.

I tell you the 5 most irratatings thing are…

17 06 2008
  1. Turning/Changing Lanes without blinkers!
  2. Chewing with your mouth open!
  3. Calling for tech support and being shipped  to India!
  4. Having a stuffy nose!
  5. The alarm going off when there’s no work today!

Not really complaining about anyone or anything just thinking those are 5 things that pester me often! Darn stuffy nose, 😦 !!