He Was a Teacher!

15 09 2008

I have been watching the news lately of the election coverage. So i have been breathing Palin, Obama, McCain, and Biden. I am addicted and one of the arguments that have been swirling around that has bothered me. It has been them saying that Jesus was a community organizer, and he was capable of leading. Trying to say that Obama is able to lead, and that Pontius Pilot was a governor. Now come on you are going to compare the leaders in this election to the Savior of the Jews and a Roman leader. Seriously, comparing Obama to Jesus. I mean the guy is a good speaker and has a good presence. But he isn’t God’s son, he isn’t saving the world.

But beyond that Jesus wasn’t really a community organizer, he was a teacher. Read the bible he went around talking to people and teaching them lessons with his countless stories and examples of how things should be. He did miracles and was humble. Very humble. He didn’t own anything, he didn’t make money. He was not an organizer, he did more to disrupt the society and establishment of how things were in that land. He was there to teach those disciples who he was, why he was there, and how to find him. Not to restore jobs and improve the economy of the area. So even though i am not the biggest supporter of Obama. I don’t think it is a good thing to say Jesus was a community organizer to prove why Obama should be elected. Jesus was a teacher and his teachings are still growing and impacting millions of people now.


My Letter to the Next President!

5 08 2008

Recently my church did a series called “Letters to the Next President” the pastor (Andy Stanley) talked about what the bible would say to the next leader of our country. He ended up forming three letters from different stories about leaders in the bible and how they led in hard or difficult times. North Point also created a website for the general public to write their own letters to the next president. Not a specific person but to the one who ends up getting elected. Well I almost wrote one a few different times but for one reason or another I decided to not. Well this afternoon I did write one and I have put it below. I encourage you to write a letter. I mean he probably isn’t going to read but you never know. You don’t know how maybe God could inspire you and it could speak to the write person even if it isn’t the next president.

Dear Mr. President,

I know I have said I know what I would do that would fix the situation and I know how I would act as president. Even when I was a high school kid I wanted to actually have your job. After growing up I now realize I wouldn’t get the votes, but I would still like the job if I had the opportunity. Moving on I would like to say I know that what I see as an American watching news, reading blogs, and forming my own opinions that I do not know what you know just from the very nature of your position. So I know I would say I would do things a certain way, I pray that you can seek counsel from God and your staff to do what is right not just what makes you popular. Now I know Andy Stanley said that and if you were going to read these letters his would be the first ones and you wouldn’t make it to this one. I also highly doubt that you will make the mature correct decision for the people. I just pray that you will. Now I know you will get into office with the first 90 days of your campaign planned out and it will be what rallied you in, in the end. You will then probably take office realize what you wanted to accomplish will not be as easy to do and you will “distract” us from the goal you laid out. I already am, ok with that. I am bouncing off the letter Chuck Colson of the Nixon administration said and ask you to start your day with a devotional and scripture. I totally agree with him, have your quiet time with the creator before coming out and ruling the “free world.” Though I sort of envy your job, I do not envy your time of taking office. There is a lot of things changing in this nation and you are going to be in one of the strangest times of office.

So I pray that you do seek God, and I pray that you are humble enough to REALLY put the needs of the American people before yours.


Joanthan Hoover
Amercian Citizen

Global Warming Hmm, I dunno!!

25 06 2008
Global Warming

Global Warming

I was reading this article today and i was beginning to think about our lives, and our society. As it realtes to our characteristics in our lifestyle. So the whole Global warming thing I don’t know, I am not educated enough in the science’s to know or to say factually that it is or isn’t. But the point I am about try to make to you isn’t that we are or not causing global warming. It’s that we are not being smart prudent with our world, resources, power, and culture.

I do think that we should loose our dependence on foreign oil, not solely cause of the money or to just drill more here at home. We need to become non-fossil fuel dependant all together. I say that not as a hippie or a tree hugger. It is kind of like turning 18 you have a trust fund that matures and you get a ton of money. Well no you don’t need to run out and get a job probably in the near future cause you have all this definitive wealth. So you go 20 30 years raise a family and living off a large sum of money that was predefined at the beginning of the amount. Well eventually you will run out or your family will run out. If you have not been trying to make your own money by learning a trade building a business or whatever. You will have a problem when you have no money, no empire, no skills, and no hope. Now I know usually when it comes to people who have trust funds there are other things given to them they typically have some sort of position to make more money than what was given to them. But what I am illustrating is that this country for one if just counting on the abundance of oil and things from the earth. Well the problem is we are withdrawing from the bank and never depositing. We need to develop and embrace other things than a gas guzzling society. Of course loosing our fuel dependency will change our marketplace and our economy and could hurt those invested in the oil. Why can’t the companies refining the oil realize that they will eventually be gone when the oil is gone. Like a gold ghost town that was a gold mine. I see the problem is two fold with the reluctance to change by oil companies in a significant way as they are making a lot of money and the government is benefiting from it too. I once wrote a paper on the persecution of smokers and the judgment passed on by a lot of Americans and the government to those who smoke. I posed the question if it is so bad for you why not keep us from having it. Well the answer was that the government made a whopping $5,000,000,000 annually from the taxes on tobacco, not to mention the death of smokers and the taxes put on their estates. That was in 1995, I am not sure of the numbers now. I bring that up show how the government will say oh we need to get away from oil. On the other hand they are raking in the money on taxes, levies, revenue on refining, and more. So they aren’t REALLY looking into other sources. I get so frustrated that the government is like the cheap PC manufacture. Well they don’t do anything that someone else hasn’t done and already proven. I don’t understand why we have to be so behind the eight ball on everything in this country. We are the last to get new technology, the last to recognize problems others have known for a long time, it is absurd.

We are a great nation. Except our leadership (all of it not just the president) is to scared to stand up and try to actually fix something and stand for something that is right instead we are weak and don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. We have developed a culture that has to be completely satisfied now, and if we aren’t we will take legal action against one another. I want to throw my hands in the air sometimes when people are complaining about the most insignificant things in life. That they are entitled to what they want. Our schools, television, magazines, and government placate to that as well. Giving validation to a society who thinks they are entitled to everything they want. As my mom said growing up, your want will never make it your need. I don’t know where the freedom of expression became to frighten children and to alienate their parents cause they eat meat. Where is it become having a parade down the street performing mature acts because you have a different sexual orientation than someone else. When did it become ok, to go in front the nation on television and air your dirty laundry for the amusement of people who watch. Freedom doesn’t mean go crazy, doesn’t mean the right to carry a gun is a validation to shoot people or carry it as an act of an adolescent. Why do people think that if abortion is such a horrible terrible un-god-loving thing that some feel the need to condemn others or worse kill them. What happen to this being a country of tolerance, a country of being able to be not controlled by an overbearing authority.

We have become the opposite. We try to exploit our freedoms to no end, and the authority has to tighten it’s reign to control the situation. Why don’t people understand margin, as in yes you have the freedom to do this but you don’t need to devote your life to pushing moral boundaries just to prove a point. With margin you understand you can do all kinds of things but why do everything. Margin is well I know I only make 100k a year but I will buy all of these things so I spend more than I make, I mean I want people to know I have money. Margin is knowing that we are using a depleting unreplenishable source to push our economy forward, and look for different things that we can create or grow so we know that well will continue to make deposits in the bank.

I know that I was all over the place on the thoughts above. I guess what I am trying to say is that we all need to understand the power of margin. How it can change the course and direction of this country.

Superdelegates, really why are they so super?

6 03 2008

So I guess every election since W. first won in 2000 is going to be huge American news. Which is a good thing people should vote, and your vote does count. This time I feel like the “drive-by” media is turning this into a freak show. We have Obama, who is capturing the younger voters with his nice apple computer-like style and design. While telling the youth that we will change and fix the problems, while not being specific on what it is we should change or how. Then we have Hillary, who seems to have for the first time in the public eye a huge range of emotions. Weather it is getting teary eyed with a fellow voter, ruling her campaign with an Iron fist or attacking Obama with drool hanging from her blood stained fangs.
The media is perplexed like a golden retriever with two different masters trying to get their attention. You have Obama who has a treat and wants to rub your belly to make you feel good, then take you to the farm. On the other hand you have Hillary who you know will beat you if you don’t do what she says. So you don’t know what to do.
I am finding joy in a lot of this. Mainly because we have two minorities fighting for the nomination. Two candidates who really differ very little on paper. But when you see the two you see the huge difference. As far as I can tell, Obama is going to make us feel good about becoming a socialist country with everyone getting their own. While making you feel good about yourself. While Hillary is going be like the nun in catholic school and beat you into submission so you will walk the straight and narrow. Damned be to anyone who wants more than their fair share.
So I do find it humorous that there is a huge debate filled with suspense and drama on who gets the nomination. When really they are both going to do the same thing to America. Personally I don’t want either of them. But if we had to elect a dictator I would rather it be Obama, he is the kind of guy who would use lubricant first!