My Letter to the Next President!

5 08 2008

Recently my church did a series called “Letters to the Next President” the pastor (Andy Stanley) talked about what the bible would say to the next leader of our country. He ended up forming three letters from different stories about leaders in the bible and how they led in hard or difficult times. North Point also created a website for the general public to write their own letters to the next president. Not a specific person but to the one who ends up getting elected. Well I almost wrote one a few different times but for one reason or another I decided to not. Well this afternoon I did write one and I have put it below. I encourage you to write a letter. I mean he probably isn’t going to read but you never know. You don’t know how maybe God could inspire you and it could speak to the write person even if it isn’t the next president.

Dear Mr. President,

I know I have said I know what I would do that would fix the situation and I know how I would act as president. Even when I was a high school kid I wanted to actually have your job. After growing up I now realize I wouldn’t get the votes, but I would still like the job if I had the opportunity. Moving on I would like to say I know that what I see as an American watching news, reading blogs, and forming my own opinions that I do not know what you know just from the very nature of your position. So I know I would say I would do things a certain way, I pray that you can seek counsel from God and your staff to do what is right not just what makes you popular. Now I know Andy Stanley said that and if you were going to read these letters his would be the first ones and you wouldn’t make it to this one. I also highly doubt that you will make the mature correct decision for the people. I just pray that you will. Now I know you will get into office with the first 90 days of your campaign planned out and it will be what rallied you in, in the end. You will then probably take office realize what you wanted to accomplish will not be as easy to do and you will “distract” us from the goal you laid out. I already am, ok with that. I am bouncing off the letter Chuck Colson of the Nixon administration said and ask you to start your day with a devotional and scripture. I totally agree with him, have your quiet time with the creator before coming out and ruling the “free world.” Though I sort of envy your job, I do not envy your time of taking office. There is a lot of things changing in this nation and you are going to be in one of the strangest times of office.

So I pray that you do seek God, and I pray that you are humble enough to REALLY put the needs of the American people before yours.


Joanthan Hoover
Amercian Citizen


Killing Time!

14 07 2008

Recently i worked on a 24 hour film project with North Point Community Chruch! It was alot of fun. We had the movie Back to the Future and we had to flip it into a crime movie. My part of the group i acted, lit the sets (well as much as possible) and co-edited! Mr. PVP helped when we were both getitng punchy!

Required Elements:

1. We had to use the line “dude where’s my ______!”

2. We had to show Marta.

3. Everyone in our group has to have a speaking part.

4. We had to use a bobble head cut out from the series Judgement Call.

5. We had to have one non-group member appear with at least one line.

6. The film had to be completed between 7PM-7PM, the length had to be between 5-7 min long.

Though my group didn’t winl, it was awesome. I was able to meet new people on the production team and it was a good example of a living room environment. I was awake 40 hours total by the end of the project. So i apologize for non-acting skills. That i look tired and well it isn’t that great.

CHECK out at 3:40 there is a special shot, follow the cup!

Comment and let me know whatcha think!!

This one is the one that won, and it was the best to check out the rest click here!

Camera is speeding! Audio is speeding! Action!!

23 06 2008

Long weekend! In four days I worked 16 hours at work, went to a 4 Star restaurant with my lady, went to a CD Release party, Made a 5 minutes short film within 24 hours, screened them, Worked at church for eight hours, went to lunch with my lady and friends, and had long talks at Taco Mac. It was quite nuts and I was very worn out. I did though do the 24 hour film project at Buckhead church, didn’t win. But had a blast and learned several things. Met new people, lost some sleep and laughed a lot. The videos should be up soon. To the above link. There will be a lot of laughs, for sure I will post when the videos are actually put up! Carlos did a great job being the MC!!

I just want to take a screwdriver and DIG it out!!!

19 06 2008

As the pressure builds in my left ear and the phone rings off the hook I had to take a break and ignore it all. I have been listening to the NP series, “The Cross, Crescent, and the Star” man it has been wonderful. First I learned a lot about the faith of Islam and Judaism. But hearing amazing stories of people coming to Christ, but having to be loved not by their families because of it. I don’t think I will ever have to make a decision of that magnitude of believing in something I would be disowned by my family. But I know that inside I do believe that hard and I do love Christ above ALL else. You hear something like that and then ear pressure and headaches don’t seem so bad than having your father say he will never be proud of you, or having your mother die denying she had you as a child.

Tonight I am taking out my lovely Amy B. to a concert, which concert you ask? Meghan Coffee’s CD release show actually. There is going to be some dinner involved as well. Will be a great night since we are both feeling better. 🙂