Sometimes Christians are the worst people

4 09 2009

I have had this pastor on my mind for a few days. After hearing parts of a sermon he gave  “Why I hate Barack Obama” Mark Arum of WSB 750 replayed some of it this past weekend. It has deeply upset me, that someone who calls themselves a believer can stand upinfront of others he is trying to lead to a relationship with Christ and say that he prays at night that “Barack Obama would die and go to hell.”

Regardless of Obama’s poicies or even live choices he has made, nothing he has done has warranted this prayer from this man. Even if one would say he was evil (which i don’t) the bible would say pray for your enemies, pray for everyone’s salvation. Love one another, your neighbor etc. I am deeply troubled by this man preaching this about anyone, let alone our president. Though i an Obama supporter politically, i do pray God would lead him in leading our country. For God asks us to pray for our leaders.

So i pray now for Stephen L. Anderson to realize the true word of the bible and understand the love and grace that is poured out through our relationship with God. I pray that God can change him so he could be someone who could lead people to God not down the “religious” path that is hurtful and excluding. The “religious” path that so many people are mistaking God for, and not the church.

I just hope what this pastor has talked about hasn’t turned anyone away from the grace of Christ. Because Stephen Anderson isn’t a good representation of the body of believers.

Here is the link to the sermon i am referring to Click Here here is the link to the church he pastors Click Here.




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4 09 2009

That is pretty horrifying. However, I’m not too shocked.

What comes through, as a running stream through Scripture, is the kind of God, God is, and his nature overall. Many people–at first–tend to impose traits on God that are quite human. If they assess their presumptions of God, they will see that they most often resemble, and quite closely I might add, the characteristics of their own father, or another human authority figure they are familiar with. “Normal” yet misguided.

He’s not a hater.

God is holy, he’s not like a man (or person) too much. He is also, and we must really “get this”, truly good. If we fully understand his nature and the continual redemption he offers and always has, we can follow that stream, and love and worship our Good Creator loyally, without understanding him through and through.

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4 09 2009
Lisa @ Unfiltered Insanity

This goes right in line with what Westboro Baptist Church believes. If you have ever heard of Craig Gross, and I would be surprised if you haven’t, you might know that he has written a book with Jason Harper called Jesus Loves You, this I know. I got to read and review this book and it was AWESOME! They kicked off their nationwide book tour (of 6 stops) in Topeka Kansas at Westboro Baptist Church, where their sermon centered around Kennedy’s death and his eternally damned soul. (I didn’t know the Phelps had inside knowledge on this…but apparently… they do! Who knew?!) After hearing all their hate-filled speech and the subsequent news release that Ben and Jerry’s changed their ice cream flavor name, I kept reading tweets about homosexuality and blah blah blah. I really, REALLY get angry and sad and frustrated when CHRISTIANS offer up this close-minded view of God. God created the box, He doesn’t live inside it (and everyone’s boxes are different…so… yeah). Christians like this are the reason that non believers stay that way.

5 09 2009
Jacqui Riquez

A ‘believer’ I used to know told me one time how much she liked me but how sad that made her. Why, I asked. “Because you’re going to hell,” was the response. This was someone who knew what I did for a job, admired what I did, and yet was convinced that I was hellbound… My first reaction was ‘Cool! Can I be in with the Mahatma Ghandi do you think?’, the first inspirational non-believer I could bring to mind. Now I try to imagine the god I want to believe in : a god with an attitude like an IRS auditor, who would send good people to hell because they didn’t sign on the dotted line as a Christian – that God ain’t worth serving. One of the worst things we do as humans is imagine a God in our image… an exercise I call Limiting the Infinite. It’s assuming that God votes Republican, supports wars, has no compassion for people who find themselves faced with abortion – actually, that reminds me of an old neighbour of mine… So like the first person to react to your post, I’m wondering how it is that this Infinite Being sounds like my old neighbour!!!

9 09 2009
Joel Spencer

(sigh) I love this stuff. After spending a few minutes perusing the “church’s” website, it’s easy to see why he would say such things. My favorite “doctrinal stance” is in their “how to avoid the wrong music” section. #2 is “Instead of listening to tapes and CD’s throughout the week, sing songs out of the hymnal.” #3 is my personal favorite, “Primarily sings songs which are 50 years or older.”

While I’m as convinced as anyone this this world is as vile and corrupted as ever, I’d like to think that I’m still in touch with some of reality. The problem with such pastors and “churches” is that there origin is all wrong (as it is with most every organized, religious “church”.) Men ordained and elevated by other men to hold positions that they were never intended to. Whether they’re into this or into that, it all boils down to man’s personal preference and not what God says is acceptable. Sadly, many people like this confined and judgmental stuff just like others like the do-whatever-you-want-ness of many other “churches”.

It’s all a buncha hooey. Let’s just get back to allowing God to define what is holy, pleasing and acceptable.

13 03 2010

that is terrible that someone like that is operating under the name of Christ. It breaks my heart to know that our Lord and Savior beholds this type of action every day. One day, we will be with Him. Praise the Lord, on that day there will be no more burdens, heartbreak, troubles, trials or cares. Even so come Lord Jesus!

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