Ndola, Zamdia

16 03 2009

Thirs day in africa. things are good met some awesome people and have had some interesting food. it is quite amazing. i have tons of pictures and video. tomorrow we are going to eat some food with some of the widow caregivers in their homes. which are mud huts in the compound. each day there are more things that are just blowing my mind. the way God is using people here to help the others is quite amazing. life is so very different here more than words, pictures, or video could describe. this has truely been a life chaning expierence. i do miss my fiance dearly though.




2 responses

17 03 2009
Joel Spencer

Thanks for the update Hoov. I almost signed up on Twitter just so I could tell you that we’re praying for you. Have been following your travels there.

Continue to see all that you can see, spiritually speaking, and take in all that God has for you to.

18 03 2009


I’m missing the constant twitpics but I take it that means you’re just overwhelmed with awesome events right now. It must take a lot to keep you from whipping out the cell phone at every chance.

Thank you for sending the itinerary out.

Praying for you and your team,

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