Sometimes I am embarassed to Be a Christian!

28 08 2008

So I have been looking around for a good topic to blog about for the past several days. Outside of the political world I haven’t had much to talk about. For some reason I don’t want to write a lot of political stuff. So I was just browsing some of the news sites I read from time to time. I came across a new item that is coming out soon called (are you ready for this) “Guitar Praise.” When I read this I thought it was a joke. Nope it isn’t a joke at all it is real. Guitar Hero with praise music for $100, hey I can plug into your trendy Mac as well.

Yes that is a knock off of Guitar Hero for us Christians. I mean what is more arrogant than the freakin Christian marketers just ripping off stuff, not making it new in anyway except adding some stupid Christian music. I know I know some of the music is good, but for the most part the corporate Christian music is worse than the Top 40 stations on the mainstream. Why do we feel we need to not be original, not think for ourselves to come up with good ideas. Not use a successful idea from someone else steal it and add the word God, Jesus, Church, or Praise to make it “Christian.” I wouldn’t be surprised if the Devil himself (Family Christian Stores) had a hand in creating this crap.

I mean we have so many problems as believers to not be thought of as arrogant, selective, judgmental, mean bastards by the world. Now we create this crap along with the “Christian” mints, “Christian” pot holders, “Christian” crack rock, and more. Just because you put a cross on something doesn’t make it “anointed” by God. It definitely doesn’t make it cool or awesome. Example Bible Man, Bible Man, Bible Man! These things makes us look like elitists, I know you should have an alternative to the violent themes of the “superheroes” on TV. You know what why not come up with something for your child, and not rely on the poor marketing of cheap toys with crosses on them so your child can be ridiculed by his peers. Wait you probably home school the poor child.

Look I don’t want you to think I don’t like things that are for the Lord, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Those things don’t try to look like, sound like, or pretend to be the “secular” thing.
Example, I like Todd Field’s music, now he doesn’t take non-Christian songs and changer the lyrics to make himself more appealing. No he writes what he wants or is lead to. That’s why I like him. Veggie Tales, I know it is for kids, but it was very original and it was well written. They both Todd Field’s and Veggie Tales are “Christian” things, but they are original and real. Not reformed like the potato head Christian products that just slap a cross on an item and double the price to sell in the “Christian” store. I mean you are loved more by God for shopping at the “Christian” it’s like showing up at church twice on Sundays. (though the crappy revelation movies are quite a riot, I mean if you absolutely nothing to do)

I have heard all the objections to what I have said. I know I might have offended you. I know. It’s just Jesus didn’t come to earth and hang out at the Jehovah Java all day with his Christian friends and go shopping at the LifeWay Christian Store for his music. No he was with the hookers, murderers, tax collectors, liars, adulterers, and more. In fact the people he had the worst taste in his mouth for was the people outside the temple like in John 2:12-25. So why do we feel the need to make ourselves separate from others with our trendy little “Christian” only stuff. When if we were original it would minister to people.




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28 08 2008

Great points Hoov. It would be nice if we could get the really well written music by artists who are Christians (rather than “Christian artists”) intertwined in the mainstream music market. Lifehouse is one good example of that.

Anyway, rather than keeping ourselves separated from everyone else, we need to concentrate more on our stuff being integrated into the mainstream. Kind of like that guy Jesus did when he was here hanging out with the regular people.

28 08 2008
Jonathan Hoover

@john your right. i mean personally i am not much of a fan of lighthouse. but that doesn’t make them a bad band just not my style. But for serious why is it if a band believes in Jesus they are a christian band but if they are mormon, jewish, muslim etc they are just a band. there is a lot of good music out there, made by believers.

5 09 2008

dude, take a chill pill
personally I am psyched about this
guitar hero is a great concept but needs better music
this is exactly what ive been waiting for ever since i first got guitar hero
and dont ever be embarassed to be a christian

6 09 2008
Joel Spencer

Hoov Hoov Hoov, I feel ya. Leave it to the Christian market to follow trends and fads, hoping to magically Christianize them and make them OK. Oh yea, and it doesn’t hurt that the “secular community” has already established it as a multi-million dollar market. The horiible truth is though, it has infiltrated virtually EVERY facet of Christian culture. Church buildings and programs strive harder now than ever before to be “relevant” and “appealing” to the world in order to lure them in and “surprise” them with Jesus. I just don’t get it. New creation people don’t need to rip off the world in order to befriend or entice them to Jesus. The reality of Him IN us is enough.

To Zachary I’d say, in Hoov’s defense, he doesn’t mean He’s embarrased or ashamed of Christ, he’s embarrased to be associated with lame attempts to “be cool” in the name of Christianity.

6 09 2008
Joel Spencer

Oh yea, and one more thing – LONG LIVE BIBLEMAN!

8 09 2008
Jonathan Hoover

@Zachary yeah i am not embarassed of my faith or in Jesus. Things like this just make me shy away from calling myself a christian. I personally know some of the artists ont he game. THey are great people. I am just frustrated cause we christians should have our own originality and not copy others to make us look “cool.”

18 09 2008

1 redeeming feature: it does have skillet songs!


but yeah, agreed with you and joel
big surprise, eh?

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